Research Interests

Sub-Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology

Development of waveguide filters, graphene based frequency multipliers and mixers, terahertz transmitter and receiver subsystems, frequency scanning antennas.

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Development of complete terahertz measurement systems for security applications, material and artwork analysis, quality inspection etc.

Textile Integrated Circuits and Antennas

Fully woven and embroidered textile integrated microwave antennas, RFID tags, textile integrated waveguides.

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Monolithic Microwave, Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Circuits

Design, analysis and manufacturing of pasive and active circuits operating in frequency bands from microwave up to terahertz frequencies.

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Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization of Circuits

Development of several techniques for the nonlinear analysis and optimization of microwave and millimetre wave circuits such as multifuncional oscillator based circuits (high-efficiency oscillators, synchronized oscillators, full 360º variable phase-shifters, harmonic mixers, …), broad-band and high-efficiency amplifiers.

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